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7 inch CarScreen
Jessie S.
We love ours! It's great

We love ours! It's great to have Apple CarPlay in our 2007 Ford. Able to access all the apps needed such as maps, Spotify and it all comes through the car speakers loud and clear.

The response speed is fast, the design is modern and the illuminating tap sensors at the bottom of the screen which you can change colour of is a nice touch.

Set up is relativity easy and can be done in a few minutes, luckily enough you don't need any tech experience to install this yourself which was a buying point for me.

verry nice product

7 inch CarScreen
Caroline B.

I can’t keep it stuck to my windshield, and this afternoon, I went around a corner and it flew off the dash! Thankfully, it landed on the car seat and not the floor. I haven’t had the time to set up anything yet. Since there are no instructions with it, that’s going to be tough! And how do I set up the backup camera? The little piece of paper that came with it doesn’t help at all. I’m not a techie!

👌 It's great to have Apple Carplay in the car now, many thanks!!!

I have an older car that doesn't have Android Auto. This unit was exactly what I was looking for. I can connect my Samsung wirelessly to the unit and can use Waze or Google maps with ease. The screen is nice and big but not too big to block your view. Perfect for older cars and a simple setup.

Saved myself hundreds of dollars with CarScreen. It's a great display, looks modern and sleek. Performance is fast and I get to link my Spotify and feel like I have a modern car again.

Highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of there old entertainment radio like I was! It fits great onto my dashboard and works as expected.

Over the moon do lots of travelling with my job and its great to have apple carplay for this

It’s absolutely a great bit of kit I’m enjoying it and thank you so much

Although there is usb ports on the screen I would like a usb port on the cigarette lighter plug.

So far everything is working well. I live in PA in the United States and received my order 4 days after I ordered it. Everything was undamaged in the box. Setup and initial operation with my Google Pixel 4a phone (using Android Auto) was very smooth. Wired and wireless operation work just fine.

The internal speaker on the unit was better than I expected.

Sound quality using the AUX cable to my car receiver/amplifier was pretty good. Maybe just a tiny bit less quality than other devices I've used, but I could be just imagining things. Plenty of volume.

Display is clear. Touchscreen works fine. Microphone seems to work fine for Google Assistant. I haven't used it for a phone call yet.

I was happy with the different mounting options. I'm going to experiment with a CD holder and see if that works best for me.

I almost spent $1,000 to change my current radio for an apple car play compatibility. Thankfully I found this great alternative for almost a fraction of the price. It works super smooth and very responsive. It looks great like factory and super easy to install. Thanks again Carscreen

7 inch CarScreen
Christopher W.

A must have! Works great

Very happy with unit and it’s functions

Great device!

Great screen no complaints

Great product

I enjoyed the ease of use and installation! After watch a few reviews on YouTube I was very intrigued. The product is great so far I’ve had it it for about 2 weeks and totally love it. I’ve already recommended it to 2 friends who were impressed with the functionality of this system. 10/10 Would purchase again.

Absolutely loved the device! Unboxing and installation took just about 10 mins and I was able to connect my phone using CarPlay in no time! Works brilliantly, no lag or any other issues so far.

Display is bright and good, automatic brightness works pretty well.

One suggestion would be to make the cable detachable from the 12 volt connector and make type c port as standard.

The inbuilt speaker can be improved. The adhesive strip for the dash mount is good but appears to be peeling off slowly because of the heat the dashboard is exposed to. Maybe this can be improved in some way to avoid the device falling off while driving.

Also the inbuilt mic sensitivity can be improved as I need to talk quite loud to trigger Siri even when there is no outside noise.

Overall it’s a well rounded device with very useful features, I would easily recommend this to anyone who wants to experience android auto and Apple CarPlay in their car. Cheers! 😉

This is a simple unit easy to set up and adds wireless android auto to any car. Simply brilliant

Excellent product well made looks good simple to fit,well worth the money, plenty of back up if needed ,good delivery well pleased

Works great and would definitely recommend

Fantastic alternative to installed stereos. Everything works great!!!

Thanks for your service and promptness. You are the best !!!

Customized boot logo is a nice touch. Customer service is top notched. Everything works as advertised.

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