Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with CarScreen you can enjoy Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in any car, regardless of the year or model.

Yes, with a simple installation method, plug and play. You don't need to change and disassemble the original car equipment meaning you can be setup within minutes.

Plug in/connect via your auxiliary power outlet, most commonly known as the car cigarette lighter socket.

If your vehicle has a 12v power outlet - most commonly known as the cigarette power outlet then it will be compatible with your vehicle, regardless of the model.

CarScreen connects to your vehicles audio system via bluetooth, via the built in FM transmitter or AUX Cable.

A high-resolution IPS capacitive touch screen display, providing smooth and responsive touch controls.

Yes, CarScreen supports Wi-Fi hotspot sharing, allowing you to use your mobile data plan to connect to the internet.

CarScreen has built-in GPS navigation with CarPlay or Android Auto, providing you with turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates.

CarScreen's hands-free calling and GPS navigation features help to reduce distractions while driving, improving your overall safety on the road.

With CarScreen, you can enjoy your favorite music, videos, and games on its 7 inch touch screen display. You can also access the internet, make hands-free calls, and use GPS navigation, all from one convenient and easy-to-use device.

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